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Trail Flowers

       Paulinskill Valley and Sussex Branch
                       Trail Flowers

The creation of the Rail-Trail Wildflower Reference Books was made possible with a grant from National Recreational Trails and matching funds from the Paulinskill Valley Trail Committee.   Marjorie Barrett, the author, extends her thanks to Lynn Groves Lussier, the Resource Interpretive Specialist, Natural Resources, Kittatinny Valley State Park, for her constructive comments.  

This Rail-Trail Wildflower Reference Book is meant to be a quick identification resource for trail users.  A Peterson or Newcomb guide to wildflowers contains more detailed information. 

The flowers in this reference may be seen from either of the two rail-trails of Kittatinny Valley State Park.  They are the Paulinskill Valley Trail and the Sussex Branch Trail.  


Peterson, Roger Tory and McKenny, Margaret.  1968. 
A Field Guide to Wildflowers of Northeastern and North-central North America.  Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston.  

Newcomb, Lawrence and Morrison, Gordon.  1977.
Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide.  Little, Brown and Company, Boston.


The flowers are organized by primary color for ease of identification.

If you do not know the flower name, you may browse each complete flower book by color.

Should you know the flower name, then further below on this page you may click on the flower name to open a new window containing that flower's information and photographs.

    Open the complete Yellow Flower book by clicking here.

    Open the complete White Flower book by clicking here.

    Open the complete Pink Flower book by clicking here.


A full copy of each book is currently available for viewing at the Kittatinny Valley State Park office.


Pink Trail Flowers


Asiatic Dayflower
Spiderwort Family
(Commelina communis)

 Blue Flag
Iris Family
(Iris versicolor)

 Blue Vervain

Vervain Family
(Verbena hastata)

 Canada Thistle
Composite Family
(Cirsium arvense)

 Cardinal Flower
Lobelia Family
(Lobelia cardinalis)


Composite Family
(Cichorium intybus)

 Closed Gentian
Gentian Family
(Gentiana clausa)

Buttercup Family
(Aquilegia canadensis)

 Common Blue Violet
Violet Family
(Viola sororia)

 Common Milkweed
Milkweed Family
(Asclepias syriaca)

 Crown Vetch
Pea Family
(Coronilla varia)

 Curled Dock
Buckwheat Family
(Rumex crispus)

 Daisy Fleabane
Composite Family
(Erigeron annuus)

 Dame's Rocket

Mustard Family
(Hesperis matronalis)

 Deptford Pink
Pink Family
(Dianthus armeria)

 Field Garlic
Lily Family
(Allium vineale)

 Field Pansy
Violet Family
(Viola bicolor)

 Fringed Polygala

Milkwort Family
(Polygala paucifolia)

Mint Family
(Glechoma hederacea)


Arum Family
(Arisaema atrorubens)

Forget-me-not Family
(Mertensia virginica)

Bedstraw Family
(Mitchella repens)

 Pennsylvania Smartweed
Buckwheat Family
(Polygonum pensylvanicum)

 Red Clover
Pea Family
(Trifolium pratense)

 Round-lobed Hepatica
Buttercup Family
(Hepatica americana)

Mint Family
(Prunella vulgaris)

 Skunk Cabbage
Arum Family
(Symplocarpus foetidus)

 Spotted Joe-Pye-Weed
Composite Family
(Eupatorium maculatum)

 Spring Beauty
Purslane Family
(Claytonia virginica)

 True Forget-me-not
Borage Family
(Myosotis scorpioides)

 Wild Bergamot

Mint Family
(Monarda fistulosa)

 Wild Geranium
Geranium Family
(Geranium maculatum)

 Wild Ginger
Birthwort Family
(Asarum canadense)



White Trail Flowers


  Bladder Campion
Pink Family
(Silene cucubalus)


Poppy Family
(Sanguinaria canadensis)

Composite Family
(Eupatorium perfoliatum)

  Bouncing Bet
Pink Family
(Saponaria officinalis)

  Canada Mayflower

Lily Family
(Maianthemum canadense)

  Dutchman's Breeches

Poppy Family
(Dicentra cucullaria)

  Dwarf Ginseng
Ginseng Family
(Panax trifolius)

  Early Saxifrage
Saxifrage Family
(Saxifraga virginiensis)

  Evening Lychnis
Pink Family
(Lychnis alba)

  False Solomon's Seal
Lily Family
(Smilacina racemosa)

  Field Pennycress
Mustard Family
(Thlaspi arvense)

  Field Pussytoes

Composite Family
(Antennaria neglecta)

  Foxglove Beardtongue
Snapdragon Family
(Penstemon digitalis)

  Fragrant Water Lily
Water Lily Family
(Nymphaea odorata)

  Garlic Mustard
Mustard Family
(Alliaria officinalis)

  Horse Nettle

Nightshade Family
(Solanum carolinense)

  Introduced Honeysuckles
Honeysuckle Family
(Lonicera sp.)

  Lyre-leaved Rock Cress
Mustard Family
(Arabis lyrata)

  May Apple
Barberry Family
(Podophyllum peltatum)

Saxifrage Family
(Mitella diphylla)

  Moth Mullein
Snapdragon Family
(Verbascum blattaria)

  Mouse-ear Chickweed
Pink Family
(Cerastium vulgatum)

  Nodding Trillium
Lily Family
(Trillium cernuum)

  Ox-eye Daisy
Composite Family
(Chrysanthemum leucanthemum)

Pokeweed Family
(Phytolacca americana)

  Rue Anemone

Buttercup Family
(Anemonella thalictroides)

  Show Tick Trefoil
Pea Family
(Desmodium canadense)

  Smooth Rock Cress
Mustard Family
(Arabis laevigata)

  Solomon's Seal
Lily Family
(Polygonatum biflorum)

  Spotted Wintergreen

Pyrola Family
(Chimaphila maculata)

  Starry False Solomon's Seal
Lily Family
(Smilacina stellata)

  Sweet Cicely
Parsley Family
(Osmorhiza claytoni)

  Tall Meadow  Rue
Buttercup Family
(Thalictrum polygamum)

Teasel Family
(Dipsacus sylvestris)

  Virginia Waterleaf
Waterleaf Family
(Hydrophyllum virginianum)

  White Avens
Rose Family
(Geum canadense)

  White Baneberry

Buttercup Family
(Actaea pachypoda)

  White Clover
Pea Family
(Trifolium repens)

  Wild Garlic
Lily Family
(Allium canadense)

  Wild Leek

Lily Family
(Allium tricoccum)

  Wild Strawberry
Rose Family
(Fragaria virginiana)

  Wood Anemone
Buttercup Family
(Anemone quinquefolia)

Composite Family
(Achillea millefolium)

Yellow Trail Flowers



Rose Family
(Agrimonia gryposepala)

 Birdsfoot Trefoil

 Pea Family
(Lotus corniculatus)

Blue Cohosh

 Barberry Family
(Caulophyllum thalictroides)

Blue-stemmed Goldenrod

 Composite Family
(Solidago caesia)


Figwort Family
(Linaria vulgaris)


 Poppy Family
(Chelidonium majus)


 Composite Family
(Tussilago farfara)

Common Buttercup

 Buttercup Family
(Ranunculus acris)

Common Dandelion

 Composite Family
(Taraxacum officinale)

Common Evening Primrose

 Evening Primrose Family
(Oenothera biennis)

Common Mullein

Snapdragon Family
(Verbascum thapsus)

Cypress Spurge

 Spurge Family
(Euphorbia cyparissias)

Downy Yellow Violet

 Violet Family
(Viola pubescens)

Dwarf Cinquefoil

 Rose Family
(Potentilla canadensis)


 Snapdragon Family
(Scrophularia lanceolata)

Golden Ragwort

 Composite Family
(Senecio aureus)


 Composite Family
(Solidago sp.)

Kidneyleaf Buttercup

 Buttercup Family
(Ranunculus abortivus)

Lance-leaved Goldenrod

 Composite Family
(Solidago graminifolia)

Least Hop Clover

 Pea Family
(Trifolium dubium)

Lesser Celandine

 Buttercup Family
(Ranunculus ficaria)

Marsh Marigold

Buttercup Family
(Caltha palustris)
Moth Mullein

 Snapdragon Family
(Verbascum blattaria)


 Composite Family
(Lapsana communis)

Pale Jewelweed 
Touch-me-not Family
(Impatiens pallida)

Perfoliate Bellwort

 Lily Family
(Uvularia perfoliata)

Roundleaf Ragwort

 Composite Family
(Senecio obovatus)

Smoothish Hawkweed

 Composite Family
(Hieracium floribundum)

Spotted Jewelweed

Touch-me-not Family
(Impatiens capensis)

Tall Goldenrod

 Composite Family
(Solidago altissima)

Thin-leaved Coneflower
Composite Family
(Rudbeckia triloba)

Trout Lily

 Lily Family
(Erythronium americanum)

Two-flowered Cynthia

 Composite Family
(Krigia biflora)

Whorled Loosestrife

 Primrose Family
(Lysimachia quadrifolia)

Wood Betony

 Snapdragon Family
(Pedicularis canadensis)

Yellow Goat's-Beard

 Composite Family
(Tragopogon pratensis)

Yellow Iris

 Iris Family
(Iris pseudacorus)

Yellow Stargrass

 Amaryllis Family
(Hypoxis hirsuta)

Yellow Sweet Clover

 Pea Family
(Melilotus officinalis)

Yellow Wood Sorrel 
Wood Sorrel Family
(Oxalis europaea)






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